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Dear Pat Cooper,


- Dolores Nola DePaci

Co-Author and bride of the famous Football Wedding. Pat Cooper’s first wife and my mother.

- Louise Caputo

Pat Cooper's Mother

Dear Pat Cooper;

" Dear Pat Cooper," - A letter to my father

It tells the story about my loving family and my absent father. In his absence I heard wonderful stories from my paternal grandmother about that man that I relentlessly searched for but would never find. She taught me respect and always turned my anger towards my father into love and forgiveness. This book is my last attempt to get my father's attention, to finally share with him the beautiful and lasting memories he missed out on by not being around. And lastly, make him realize and know the impact his mother had on my life, how she picked up his slack, and the lessons she bestowed upon me.

- The real stars ​of the family -

"Sooner or later he'll come back to Caputo because the roots are there, and you can't change people's roots."

What happened to my father Pasquale Caputo?
​Love your son, Michael Caputo

- The New Family He Created in 1970 -

Rare footage of Louise Caputo, Pat Cooper's mother being interviewed by Michael Caputo, Pat Cooper's biological son. Little did they know that three years later they would make radio ratings history on the Howard Stern Radio Show. That show aired live in NYC on 92 K-Rock in August of 1989 and would become known as The Family Feud.